Journal Articles


  • Cho H, Wu DJ, Berger B
    Secure genome-wide association analysis using multiparty computation
    Nature Biotechnology. 2018. Online May 07.
    (Abstract, PDF, Source Code)


  • Jagadeesh KA, Wu DJ, Birgmeier JA, Boneh D, Bejerano G
    Deriving genomic diagnoses without revealing patient genomes
    Science. 2017. Volume 357. Issue 6352. Pages 692–695.
    (Abstract, PDF, Source Code)


  • Shimizu K, Nuida K, Rätsch G
    Efficient privacy-preserving string search and an application in genomics
    Bioinformatics. 2016. Volume 32. Issue 11. Pages 1652–1661.
    (Abstract, PDF)
  • Huang Z, Ayday E, Lin H, Aiyar RS, Molyneaux A, Xu Z, Fellay J, Steinmetz LM, Hubaux JP
    A privacy-preserving solution for compressed storage and selective retrieval of genomic data
    Genome Research. 2016. Volume 26. Issue 12. Pages 1687-1696.
    (Abstract, PDF, Supplement including source code)


  • Hayden EC
    Extreme cryptography paves way to personalized medicine – Encrypted analysis of data in the cloud would allow secure access to sensitive information
    Nature. 2015. Volume 519. Issue 7544. Pages 400–401.
    (Abstract, PDF)


  • He D, Furlotte NA, Hormozdiari F, Joo JWJ, Wadia A, Ostrovsky R, Sahai A, Eskin E
    Identifying genetic relatives without compromising privacy
    Genome Research. 2014. Volume 24. Issue 4. Pages 664–672.
    (Abstract, PDF, Source Code)
  • Erlich Y, Narayanan A
    Routes for breaching and protecting genetic privacy
    Nature Reviews Genetics. 2014. Volume 15. Issue 6. Pages 409–421.
    (Abstract, PDF)